Museo di Arte Sacra di Castignano

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The site of the museum of sacred art is the parish of Saints Peter and Paul from the XIV century located in an elevated position, noted both for its terracotta door as well as its rose window in travertine that adorns the façade. Inside, there is the fifteenth century fresco of enormous dimensions that depicts the Last Judgment and the beautiful and precious Reliquary of the Holy Cross in vermeil that contains a double-barred cross with precious stones and filigree, in addition to a wooden sculpture depicting Saint Peter from the second half of the XIV century. In the crypt there are frescoes from the school of Carlo and Vittore Crivelli.


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Site: Chiesa San Pietro Apostolo

Piazza San Pietro - Castignano

Exhibition surface: 230 sqm

Wheelchair access

Opening Hours

Tel. 347 3804444


Sede Castignano
Comune Castignano Diocesi San Benedetto del Tronto-Ripatransone-Montalto