Museo di Arte Sacra di Comunanza

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The museum is located in the rooms of Palazzo Pascali and holds goldsmith works including a reliquary in the shape of a small temple and a processional cross from the 1700’s with a Christ from the XIV century attributed to the Ascolan goldsmith Pietro Vannini. Among the pictorial works, there is a Madonna of the belt (XVII century) and the San Liborio by Giuseppe Ghezzi (1634-1721), an artist from Conunanza but active in Rome, where he was prince of the Roman academy of San Luca and friend of Queen Cristina of Sweden.


Crocifisso Pietro Vannini Crocifisso Pietro Vannini (particolare) Croce Processionale Comunanza Comunanza Comunanza Comunanza Comunanza Comunanza

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Site: Palazzo Pascali

Piazza S.Caterina - Comunanza

Exhibition surface: 150 sqm

Didactic Laboratory

Opening Hours

Tel. 347 3804444


Site Comunanza
Comune Comunanza Diocesi San Benedetto del Tronto-Ripatransone-Montalto