Museo di Arte Sacra di San Benedetto del Tronto

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The museum site is located next to the cathedral-basilica of Santa Maria della Marina, the heart of diocesan life.
This exhibition recounts the story of the San Benedictine church from its beginning until today, putting on display some of the most important works relative to the oldest martyr saints of the diocese and the two main places of worship of the city: the pieve of the martyr Saint Benedict and the church of Santa Maria della Marina.
Opening the exposition are some ancient and precious vestments that were used in the past centuries to cover the body of the martyr Saint Basso, worshiped in the nearby town Cupra Marittima.
The legend of Saint Basso is linked to that of the martyr Saint Benedict, for whom the town is named after and whose remains are still worshiped in the pieve that is dedicated to him in the high part of the town. Some images of the saint and various furnishings from his church are on display in the second room. Among these objects there are statues of the Four Evangelists, refined works in golden carved wood from the XIX century.
In the present cathedral of the church of the Marina, there is a wooden tabernacle created by the artist priest don Luigi Sciocchetti, who has decorated many important churches in the United States. In the same church there can be found the original sketches of the vast apse painting made by the Capuchin Ugolino da Belluno in 1993. At the end of the tour there are works from a rich private collection of sacred art.


San Benedetto del Tronto San Benedetto del Tronto San Benedetto del Tronto San Benedetto del Tronto San Benedetto del Tronto San Benedetto del Tronto San Benedetto del Tronto

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Site: Centro Pastorale

Via Pizzi 25 - S. Benedetto del Tronto

Exhibition surface: 120 sqm

Didactic laboratory

Biblioteca e Archivio Diocesano al 2° piano - Tel 0735 81752

Wheelchair access

Opening Hours

Tel. 0735 588117


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