Museo di Arte Sacra di Force

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Set up at the historical Palazzo Canestrari since 2007, the Museo di Arte Sacra di Force hosts valuable art handiworks coming from the surrounding churches. Among the most important works, there is the wooden Crucifix wrapped in a tunic from the XII century from the demolished church of San Taddeo that had been deposited in the church of Saint Paul the apostle. Moreover, there are scenes of the childhood of Christ painted on a board by Simeone de Magistris (XVI century) as well as the statue of the Madonna with Child in hard polychrome plaster probably from the workshop of the same artist. This last work was recently found, and after a long and delicate restoration, the original colors were found under layers of paint. The original drawings for the church of San Francesco at Force created by the Marchegian architect Giuseppe Sacconi, author of the altar of the Patria in Rome, can also be admired. Next to the drawings there are numerous works in silver from the eighteenth century coming from the parish church, exhibited together with sacred vestments and crosses from the XVI century.


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Site: Palazzo Canestrari

Corso B. Assunta Pallotta - Force

Exhibition surface: 110 sqm

Wheelchair access

Opening Hours

Tel. 347 3804444


Comune Force Diocesi San Benedetto del Tronto-Ripatransone-Montalto