Museo di Arte Sacra di Grottammare

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The museum is hosted in the parish church of San Giovanni Battista located in the characteristic ancient town with a splendid view of the coast below. This medieval building, reconstructed by the architect Pietro Maggi between 1792 and 1809, was decorated in 1911 by the San Benedictine painter Giuseppe Pauri, who left an admirable example of his decorative talent in the vault. In the chancel, there is a painting of Ubaldo Ricci (XVIII century) and in the panels above there is a polyptych by Vittore Crivelli (XV century) as well as a portrait of Sixtus V and a splendid church pew in painted wood, work of the Marches of the eighteenth century. Moreover, there is an altarpiece by Vincenzo Pagani (1530-1535 circa), a small board of Pauri depicting the Procession of the dead Christ in Grottammare and an Education of the Virgin by Filippo Ricci (XVIII century) and a bust of Saint Lucia attributed to the sculptor from the Bernini school, Denis Plouvier. On the counterface and decorated with exuberate wooden sculptures from the 1600’s, there is a marvelous organ that often accompanies concerts of sacred music. Finally, the museum holds a chalice for the liturgical celebrations left in inheritance by Sixtus V to his town of origin, an object unique in beauty and history. This is the most important work in the collection, housed in a reliquary located at the end of the nave. The work has the following text: “F.FELIX PERETTVS DE M.A.EP.S.AGAT,” which refers to the years in which the prelate carried out his Episcopal duties in Sant’Agata dei Goti. There are many reference marks regarding the type of chalice of Grottammare, characterized by an elongated knot that appears in the second half of the XVI century. One is immediately struck by its simplicity and, at the same time, by its elegance of form, lacking any excessive decorations. Beside the chalice there is a commemorative medallion of the church of Saint Lucia (1590) that Camilla Peretti, sister of the pontiff, had had made in Grottammare where her brother was born. This rare object, an extreme work of the Florentine medalist Domenico Poggini (1520-1590), has an effigy of Camilla on the front and the façade of the church on the back.


Grottammare Grottammare Grottammare Grottammare Grottammare Grottammare Medaglia di Camilla Peretti (recto) Medaglia di Camilla Peretti (verso) Grottammare Grottammare

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Site: Chiesa San Giovanni Battista

Piazza Peretti - Grottammare

Exhibition surface: 180 sqm

Wheelchair access

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Tel. 347 3804444




Comune Grottammare Diocesi San Benedetto del Tronto-Ripatransone-Montalto