Museo di Arte Sacra di Monteprandone

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The museum site is established at the cloister of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie founded by Saint James of the Marches, born in the small town of Monteprandone in 1393 and died in Naples in 1476. He was a great preacher as well as an advisor of popes and kings. His body, for centuries having lain in the church of Santa Maria La Nova in the Neapolitan city, was finally returned to Monteprandone in 2004 where it has become an object of continual pilgrimages. The exhibition is a collection of mainly objects connected to the figure of the saint. In addition to his chalice, his clothing, seals and manuscripts that produce a notable value of adoration, it is possible to admire a triptych in ivory from the beginning of the XV century, with intarsia work in wood and bone, art from the Embirachi workshop. It is also possible to see a splendid reliquary Bust of Saint James in sculpted, gilded and painted wood, work of an impressionable realism done in Naples between 1612 and 1615 as well as a Via Crucis from the early eighteenth century taken from the Franciscan church and objects made by the Chinese (liturgical vestments in silk and a linen chest in carved wood), imported by Franciscan missionaries at the beginning of the XX century.


Calice di San Giacomo Calice di San Giacomo (particolare) Calice di San Giacomo (particolare) Calice di San Giacomo (particolare) Calice di San Giacomo (particolare) Calice di San Giacomo (particolare) Calice di San Giacomo (particolare) Monteprandone Monteprandone Monteprandone Monteprandone Monteprandone Monteprandone

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Site: Chiesa Santa Maria delle Grazie

C.da Le Grazie - Monteprandone

Exhibition surface: 90 sqm

Wheelchair access

Opening Hours

Tel. 347 3804444


Chiesa S. Giacomo della Marca
Comune Monteprandone Diocesi San Benedetto del Tronto-Ripatransone-Montalto